Hi There!!

My name is Aron Bordin and I’m Brazilian Researcher, Freelancer, and always coding something fun :)

I’ve been testing new tools, documenting it and contributing to open source projects. I can tell you that there are a lot of perfect tools, but unfortunately some of them are not well documented.

With this blog I’m trying to expand the free knowledge with tutorials, frameworks, examples, showcases, etc.


I work as a freelancer with Mobile Apps, Games, Web, Arduino, and other type of projects. Let’s chat :)

Email: aron.bordin@gmail.com

Some tools

  • Web
    • Zend Framework 1/2
    • CakePHP
    • Laravel
    • Django
    • Web Services
    • Flask
    • Node.js
    • +
  • Mobile
    • Python for Android
    • Apache Cordova and Phonegap
    • Cocos2dx- Cocos2d-JS
    • Titanium
    • Android Java
    • +
  • Games
    • Desktop and Mobile games with Cocos
    • HTML5 games
    • Social games
    • +
  • Desktop
    • Qt Creator
    • Python with GTK/PyQt/PySide
    • Node.js
    • +


You can send me an email at: aron.bordin@gmail.com or use the form bellow: