How to use Processing IDE project with Android Studio


In this post I’m going to show you how to how to set-up a Processing project in Android Studio.

We will configure it and create a sample application, to test if everything is working.

With Android Studio, you will have a perfect autocompleter and debugger environment. Take a look!

Creating the Project

First, create an empty project on Processing IDE. After creating it, click in the menu File->Export Android Project…

Now, open your Android Studio. Click in the menu File->Import Project

Select the folder where Processing IDE exported the project.

Select your project destination:

Now, make sure the check all options and click in Finish.

Running and Debugging a Processing Project

Now, you can see and edit your sketch in app/src/main/java folder.

You are able to run and debug your project as any Android project.

Just press Shift + F10 to run it, or if you need, create your breakpoints and press Shift + F9 to run it.

That’s it! It’s simple, but maybe can help you! Thanks for reading!

Aron Bordin

Aron Bordin
Computer Science Student and AI researcher. Always coding something fun :)

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