[Tutorial] How to use and install Android libraries on Processing - Ketai


In this simple tutorial, I’m going to show you how to install Ketai on Processing IDE.

Take a look if you Processing IDE is configured for Android development. If everything is ok, let’s install it!! blog

I - But, what is Ketai?

Ketai is a comprehensive library designed specifically for the Android Mode in Processing.

It makes it easy to work with hardware devices and sensors built into Android phones and tablets. The library focus specifically on mobile Android features, including cameras, sensors, multi-touch gestures, peer-to-peer networking via Bluetooth and WiFi Direct, Near Field Communication (NFC), and SQLite for local databases.

The following classes are included in the library:

  • KetaiGesture
  • KetaiSensor
  • KetaiLocation
  • KetaiCamera
  • KetaiSimpleFace
  • KetaiBluetooth
  • KetaiWiFiDirect
  • KetaiNFC
  • KetaiSQLite
  • KetaiList
  • KetaiKeyboard

II - Instalation

  1. Open your Processing IDE, open the menu Sketch -> Import Library -> Add Library

  2. Search for “Ketai” and click in Install.

Yes, it’s completely simple! Your Processing IDE is ready for Ketai. Now, you can take a look in my blog and check for other tutorials, I’m going to write some of them about Processing IDE with Ketai.

That’s it. Thanks for reading.

Aron Bordin

Aron Bordin
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